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Butter Dishes

Butter is an integral ingredient in American cooking, French recipes, breakfast items and more. It's what you use to put the finishing touch on a big stack of pancakes, it's the base of a Hollandaise sauce and it's what you spread on a piece of toast for an easy snack. A butter dish helps keep your butter fresh, provides quick and convenient access and can also add an elegant accent to your table setting. At, you'll find a variety of butter dishes for all kinds and shapes of butter at

The standard butter dish consists of a rectangular tray that's designed to accommodate your run-of-the-mill stick of butter, as well as a plastic cover to keep the butter protected and stored properly. Plastic butter dishes are a good choice for those on a budget or families with kids who are hard on serveware. Porcelain and stoneware butter dishes are more delicate, but they can improve the presentation of your meal, and presentation matters for an enjoyable dining experience.

A relatively modern innovation is the butter keeper or the butter boat. These containers include a separate chamber for water, which then evaporates to keep your butter at the perfect temperature for spreading easily. The butter spreader is another novel addition to the world of serveware. It keeps the butter in a vertical chamber, allowing you to spread butter on toast, corn on the cob and other dishes without dirtying up the stick of butter with a knife.