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Beverage Tubs

There's more to serving drinks than buying a few bottles and glasses and calling it a day. Having the proper equipment can go a long way toward setting the scene, keeping beverages at a proper temperature and impressing friends and family at your next party. If you're serving bottles and cans, make sure to keep them chilled with a beverage tub, which can even be personalized with your family's name or whatever you call your man cave. Beverage tubs are typically galvanized, which means they have a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting, so they're suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Setup is extremely simple: fill the tub with ice, then add the cans and bottles. Some beverage tubs include stands, which can keep the tub at a more comfortable height, as well as prevent condensation from staining the surface that the tub's kept on. Double-wall tubs are a pricier option, but they're designed to keep drinks colder for longer, thanks to the thermally insulating effect of the double walls.

At, beverage tubs are available in a variety of finishes, including brushed stainless steel, antique copper, gunmetal, brass and some stylish, embossed designs. And because they're durable and can be stored indoors and outdoors, galvanized tubs can double as handy storage containers for firewood, gardening supplies, kids' toys and more when they're not being used to keep drinks on ice. They add a chic, rustic accent to your space, and personalized beverage tubs can also make a great gift for friends and family.