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Beverage Dispensers

If you're throwing a party, accommodating friends and family at the next outdoor soiree or bringing drinks to a potluck, you'll need a way to serve multiple people quickly, easily and efficiently. Beverage dispensers help keep a large volume of liquid at the proper temperature and fill cups with the press of a lever. You'll find a large selection of beverage dispensers for different drinks and applications at

First, you should select a proper material for your needs. Presentation goes a long way at a party, after all. Galvanized dispensers are usually made of steel that's coated with zinc to prevent rusting and corrosion. They also help protect drinks from sunlight, which can change the flavor of beverages like tea, and they can add a farmhouse-style accent to your setting. Beverage dispensers modeled after Mason jars are another popular choice, imparting a similar rustic vibe but allowing you to show off your homemade tea or cocktail. If you're going to be dealing with a lot of kids, who can be pretty hard on serveware, consider picking up a plastic beverage dispenser; plastic dispensers are affordable, lightweight and are more likely to survive a tumble.

If you're serving bottles and cans, you might be better off with a galvanized tub. Fill the tub with ice and you can keep a large amount of individual drinks chilled. Galvanized tubs can even be personalized with your family's name or the event you're celebrating.