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Beer Glasses and Mugs

What are some of the different types of beer glasses and mugs?

  • Pint Glass/Shaker Pints: Pint glasses are probably the most popular beer glass. Used in homes, restaurants and bars, American pint glasses offer a simple design and a slender cylindrical shape that gets wider as it goes up. Referred to as a shaker pint in the bartending world, this type of beer glass typically holds 16 oz. and is common to use while drinking most beer types IPAs and stouts.

  • Beer Mugs: Beer mugs are the second most commonly used cup for drinking beer. Beer mugs have thick glass walls that help insulate the beer to keep it cool. Unlike pint glasses, beer mugs are made with a handle that will allow you to have a better grip on your glass and will keep you from inadvertently warming up your beer.
  • Pilsner Glasses: This tall and skinny beer glass varies in size, but holds less beer than a pint glass. Pilsner glasses are designed and commonly used for lighter beers because of slim design allows the drinker to full taste and experience the brew.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the beer connoisseur in your life, personalizing a beer glass or mug is a great option, or even try a pre-designed glass with their favorite sports team or beer brand logo. offers a variety of beer glasses and mugs, that are available in different shapes, sizes and quantities that will fit your style and budget.