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Wet/Dry & Shop Vacuums

Wet/dry and shop vacuums are heavy-duty vacuums that do the cleaning that some standard household vacuums don't. The powerful motor in these vacuums allows them to suction items through a large hose into the canister. They can pick up both dry and wet materials, making them an efficient way to clean up large amounts of water. If you're working on a construction or hardware project that creates a large mess of broken glass, sawdust, nails or water, shop vacuums or wet/dry vacuums are strong enough to clean up the mess without getting debris suck in the hose.

Most wet/dry vacuums and shop vacuums have large containers on sturdy wheels for portability. They have rear blower ports, large hoses and extension wands clean up tough jobs. They save you time by cleaning up a big mess quickly and are easy to clean once the vacuum job is complete.

Wet/dry and shop vacuums made by Bissell are available at to fit your heavy-duty cleaning needs.