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Choosing Your Stepladder

A stepladder is useful whenever you need to reach items that are just out of your grasp. Walmart offers a selection of stepladders to use indoors or outdoors. When choosing a stepladder, look for the following features.

Size: Stepladders range from two-step stools to tall industrial ladders up to 16 feet tall. Choose a smaller ladder if you need to retrieve items from cabinets. If you need a ladder for tasks like trimming trees, hanging outdoor lights or for painting walls, look for a taller ladder.

Material: If you need to move your stepladder frequently, choose one made of lightweight fiberglass or aluminum. Or, if durability and stability are more important, consider a heavy-duty ladder made from heavy-duty fiberglass.

Class and Weight: ANSI ladder ratings tell you how much weight the ladder safely supports.

  • Type III: up to 200 pounds
  • Type II: up to 225 pounds
  • Type I: up to 250 pounds
  • Type IA: up to 300 pounds
  • Type IAA: up to 375 pounds