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What are the advantages of motion-activated security lights?

Motion-activated lights are a useful addition to your home's security system. When the light turns on, it signifies that it has picked up on movement and that something, or someone, is outside. The light forewarns you of the presence of a potential intruder, and it helps protect your home against possible theft.

What is a dusk-to-dawn security light?

A dusk-to-dawn security light contains a sensor that makes the light turn on as night sets in and automatically shut off when the sun rises. This illuminates your yard, deterring potential invaders. Choose from our LED, dual-bulb, halogen and halide flood lights to help protect your family and home. If you need to place a light in an area where there is no electricity, such as the back of a garage or away from the house, we also offer solar security lights that charge from the sun's rays in the daytime and then provide security all night long.