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Pegboard & accessories

Pegboards are versatile display tools for organization and showing off favorite items. Pegboard is available in flat sheets, four-sided towers, and folding-screen styles.

Pegboard holes: Holes in each pegboard are uniformly spaced in columns and rows. The round holes are uniformly sized at 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch diameter to accommodate standard pegboard hooks, baskets, organizers, and product holders. Some pegboard products have 3/16-inch holes and other odd-sized holes for specialty hooks, shelves, and parts bins.

Pegboard materials: Order pegboard in materials that suit your working environment, home decor, or shop style. Metal, polypropylene, plastic, acrylic, tempered wood, and plywood are some of the materials used for pegboard products.

Be sure to check sizes. When ordering pegboard and accessories, make sure the holders, fasteners, and other organizers you order are intended for use with the hole dimensions in the pegboard.