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Oscillating fans

Oscillating fans help cool rooms and ventilate stuffy spaces by rotating back and forth on their frames. The air from an oscillating fan is pushed out in more areas of rooms to offer wider coverage and air flow.

Tabletop fans: Tabletop oscillating fans sit on desks, countertops, and work tables to provide a custom height for the fan's air flow. Some tabletop fans are adjustable.

Floor fans: Floor or standing oscillating fans sit on posts that are usually adjustable for precise levels of fan height. Bases of floor fans are durable and fit well in corners or between furnishings.

Tower fans: Tower-style oscillating fans offer maximum coverage of rooms. Tower fans take up minimal floor space and look great in modern, industrial, and minimalist rooms.

Most oscillating fans have dual operating options to keep the fan assembly stationary or rotating. Oscillating fans offer low, medium, and high fan-blade speeds.