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Natural gas heaters

Natural gas appliances provide clean, efficient heat on cold winter nights. Natural gas heaters can be wall-mounted or freestanding units to suit the rooms you need to keep cozy.

Ventless heaters:Ventless gas heaters, also called vent-free or no-vent heaters, don't need a chimney or smoke vent to release combustion products from indoor spaces. Mr. Heater Blue Flame heaters are examples of vent-free heaters.

Other gas heater typesKerosene heaters operate with kerosene fuel and are great sources of heat during power outages and in unheated buildings. Tank-top heaters attach to liquid propane (LP) tanks. Tank-top heaters are convenient ways to stay cozy at the hunting camp or in the garage. Dyna-Glo heaters are available in tank-top, kerosene, and vent-free versions. Order the Dyna-Glo HeatAround 360 for a deck heater that's no bigger than a lantern and runs on 1-pound propane canisters.

When running any gas space heater, install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to alert you if oxygen levels are compromised. Some gas heaters include built-in oxygen-depletion sensors for safe operation.