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Interior wall & trim paint

Interior wall and trim paints are intended for indoor applications. Interior paints may also include anti-mold and mildew components to protect interior walls in damp buildings.

Paint finishes: Most interior paints are available in three types of finishes.

  • Flat finishes are non-reflective and generally hide slight imperfections on walls like dents and ridges.
  • Satin finishes are smoother than flat finishes and look good in formal rooms.
  • Semi-gloss finishes have a pleasant sheen and are easier to clean than most satin and flat finishes. However, semi-gloss paints reveal wall imperfections more than other types of paints.
Some contemporary interior paints have a chalkboard finish that can be written on with chalk and chalkboard-friendly markers.

Premixed and custom color paint: Many paints are premixed in popular colors including white, eggshell, and gray. Custom interior paints are mixed to match specific colors.

When ordering interior paints, have in mind where you're using it. Check to make sure the paint is intended for use on the surface material you want to cover.