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Garage heaters

Heat your garage easily with one of the garage heaters available in our large selection. Consider the fuel type and whether you prefer a freestanding or mounted model.

Free-standing vs. wall-mounted: For direct heat in different areas, freestanding garage heaters are ideal. Prevent a tripping hazard and save on floor space when you install a wall-mounted heater.

Fuel type: Kerosene, natural gas, and propane garage heaters are cheaper to run than electric ones and can heat a large garage quickly. Ventilation is essential to get rid of the fumes. Electric garage heaters are convenient; just plug them in to a power outlet. The power ability is less than gas heaters so consider these for a small- or medium-sized garage.

Other features: Adjust the heat to your preference with a low to high power setting or pivoting function. For convenient use, choose a garage heater that operates via remote control.