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What are some of the main benefits of installing garage flooring?

If you work on projects in your garage, flooring helps you avoid slipping when you happen to spill chemicals or liquids on the ground. Padded flooring can also take some of the strain off of your feet and back when you're standing for long periods of time tinkering. When you roll up with your car, flooring absorbs damage that your tires can cause, and it also protects the concrete beneath from oil leaks.

Is garage flooring easy to install?

Many types of flooring are available, including easy-to-install interlocking vinyl pieces, mats that simply stick to the ground and pieces that quickly roll out and are ready.

What are some types of garage flooring?

Basic black garage flooring is available for a classic look, while textured diamond patterns give the garage an industrial feel. Black and white checkerboard patterns turn your garage into a showroom for your vehicles.