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Swamp Coolers

Want to keep your home cool without an outrageous electric bill? With Every Day Low Prices at Walmart, you can find a swamp cooler that will help you save energy without hurting your pocket.

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, provide eco-friendly cooling. Instead of harmful chemicals like refrigerants, swamp coolers use evaporated water to cool the air which in turn uses up to 75% less energy than standard refrigeration. When shopping for a swamp cooler, it's important to know the size of the space it will be servicing. Whether you need to cool down a single room or your whole house, be sure to check the product information to ensure your new swamp cooler is equipped to service the adequate amount of square footage.

Another distinction to be mindful of when shopping for a swamp cooler is between stationary and portable coolers. Just like standard air conditioners, you can choose from stationary window or ducted swamp coolers which are more equipped to cool larger areas. Portable swamp coolers generally cool a smaller area but also have the versatility to operate in- and outdoors.

No matter what your cooling needs, Walmart's got you covered. For more eco-friendly appliances, look for an ENERGY STAR rating so you can save energy, save money and live better.