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Should I choose a door knob or a door lever?

The primary reason to choose a door lever is for ease of accessibility. Levers are easier for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other health issues that affect the joints. If you think there's a possibility someone with those conditions will use the door, then go with a lever. Otherwise, the choice is aesthetic.

Will I need a locksmith to install the door lock?

The padlocks do not need a locksmith or a home repair professional to install. The deadbolts and latchbolts can be installed on your own if you are proficient with a screwdriver or a power drill. The door knobs and levers are simple to install if the hole in the door is already drill, as is true when you're replacing a door knob.

Which door lockers are the most secure?

No lock is 100 percent foolproof, but the door lock you choose depends on what you want to secure. A latchbolt or deadbolt is a good choice for a door that already has a locking door knob for additional security. If your budget allows, then purchasing a door lock with a keypad adds one more level of security. To prevent pets and children from opening doors, a door knob or a lock that requires a key is a good option.