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Shower Chairs

If you're disabled, injured or elderly and your mobility options are limited, invest in a shower chair to bathe more easily and safely. Shower chairs are disability aids that prevent dangerous maneuvers in the bathroom and help you clean your body in a more comfortably position. You'll find an assortment of shower chairs, transfer benches, stools, grab bars, bathtub lifts and more at, so you can avoid slips and falls and bathe without difficulty.

If you think you can drag any old chair into the shower, think again. Shower chairs are specifically designed to be waterproof, dry quickly and resist slipping. They also typically include a set of handles on the sides that are easy to grip and allow you to get into and out of the chair without overexerting yourself. Shower chairs also have a set of holes in the seat; the holes prevent standing water from accumulating and causing bacteria and mildew to grow on the chair. Look for chairs with an antimicrobial treatment to further combat bacteria.

Before buying a shower chair, do some quick measurements to ensure the chair will fit in your shower or bathtub. Also, note that chairs have different weight capacities; make sure you're not overloading your chair and creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Other shower aids include grab bars, transfer benches and bathtub lifts. Grab bars stick on to shower walls and allow the user to safely enter and exit a bathtub. Transfer benches and bathtub lifts also allow you to safely move into and out of a bathtub.