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Living with diabetes requires you to monitor many aspects of your health including diet, exercise and insulin levels.

While day to day life with diabetes may seem overwhelming at first, with the right tools and lifestyle, you can be happy and healthy with only slight changes to your daily routine. At Walmart, you can find all the supplies you need to make monitoring diabetes convenient and safe at the same time. Explore a variety of discreet and portable glucose monitoring systems to track your sugar levels on the go along with the appropriate supply of test strips and lancets. In case your blood sugar drops, check out our selection of glucose supplements in the form of tablets or even snacks like chocolate shakes or peanut snack bars.

If your blood sugar levels are abnormal, it may cause your body to be more vulnerable to infection, making personal care all the more important. Oral hygiene is a priority when it comes to preventive health. Explore hygiene options like electric toothbrushes, flossers and mouthwashes to best combat bacteria. Since your feet are another area of concern, carefully monitor and treat any sores like corns or blisters, and consider compression socks to avoid blood clots. For overall health, be sure to consult your doctor about vitamins and supplements that can aid with weight control and nutrition.

Also, don't forget to be prepared for accidents and pain management with first aid kits and pain relievers. For more information on what can help you live happier and healthier with diabetes, check out our Diabetes Wellness Center. Save money. Live better.