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Walking Canes

Walking canes, also known as assistive canes, are one-handed mobility aids for those who require a little extra stability or balance to get around. Whether you're looking for a cane for personal use or upgrading a friend's or family member's old, worn-out cane, you'll find an assortment of walking canes and accessories at

How do walking canes work?

If you have a weaker leg or are experiencing pain in a leg, you can use a cane to redistribute weight and put less strain on the affected leg. Canes also improve stability by widening the base of support; think about how a tripod supports a camera. So if you have problems maintaining balance, look for tripod canes or quad canes. They have wider bases than traditional canes to provide extra stability. Canes also transmit information about the ground in front of you so you can prepare accordingly. Modern canes include a variety of handles like Tourist, crook and Derby handles for a comfortable feel in the hand. Look for folding canes and collapsible canes if you need a more portable option; folding canes can easily pack into carry-on bags, totes and backpacks.

Cane tips and accessories

If the bottom of your cane is worn out from repeated use, you don't have to get the rid of the entire cane. Measure the diameter of your cane, then look for replacement tips. Invest in a hand strap or wrist strap to keep the cane close if you accidentally let go of the handle.