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Stick foundation

Use a stick foundation for contouring or as a concealer. Choose one to match your skin tone and type and check for extra benefits.

  • Skin type: Many stick foundations are suitable for all skin types but double-check. For example, some are oil-free to benefit oily skin while others contain hydrating ingredients for dry skin.
  • Skin tone: As a concealer, choose the color to match your skin tone, which is cool, warm, or neutral. To check, look at the veins in your wrist. If they're purple, you fall in the cool tone category. If they're blueish-green, you have a warm tone. A neutral tone displays blue veins. To contour, choose a few shades darker than your skin tone but opt for a few shades lighter to highlight.
  • Extra benefits: Avoid a shiny face when you choose a matte finish. A double-ended stick provides two uses in one.