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Tortillas, Pitas and Wraps

Why eat boring sandwiches? With tortillas, pitas and wraps from Walmart, you can enjoy all kinds of fun meals and snacks, from burritos to sushi.

Just about anything you'd put between two slices of bread can also be stuffed in a pita or wrapped in a soft corn or flour tortilla. Try filling a pita or tortilla with hummus and vegetables, meat and cheese, or even scrambled eggs. For more traditional fare, fill your tortilla with sauteed meat, beans and other traditional burrito or fajita fillings. Or, for a crunchy treat, pile your fillings into a hard taco shell or onto a tostada.

Walmart also carries seaweed wrappers and spring roll skins for authentic Asian treats. Fill your seaweed wrappers with sushi rice and fish or vegetables, and serve them with soy sauce and pickled ginger. Or make fresh spring rolls with shredded cabbage, grated carrot, bean sprouts and glass noodles.

With Walmart's Everyday Low Prices on tortillas, pitas and wraps, your meal options are virtually endless. Save money. Live better.