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Fall makeup

A beautiful autumn look starts with your eyes. Take your cues from nature when choosing seasonal colors to pair with your cozy clothing and the muted tones that are common during this time of year. This is the season to try out an eye shadow palette with bronze, gold, copper, and brown hues. A little bit of shimmer goes a long way, so opt for either a shimmery eye or lip in the fall.

Black mascara is a staple, but when worn in the fall it can complete your look. For something softer, or if you're very fair toned, go for a brown-black mascara instead. After you apply a bronze eye shadow, put a little bit of eyeliner in the outer corner of your eyes before adding your mascara.

Complete your look with a rich lipstick. Fall is the perfect time to try out a burgundy or cinnamon shaded lip. Keep blush light, and forgo the bronzer during this season. You may need a lighter foundation shade if your summertime tan has started to fade.