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Floor fans

When the weather is warm, it helps to have a reliable floor fan. For optimal air circulation in your home or apartment, choose a fan with adjustable angles and speeds. Look for one that oscillates (moves from side to side). If you have limited space, opt for a tower fan, and if you need to cool rooms with extra-high ceilings, purchase a pedestal fan. For moving lots of air quickly, opt for an industrial-style floor fan with metal versus plastic blades. These heavy-duty products work well for larger spaces.

If you're trying to decide between a conventional fan and a bladeless fan, consider their differences. Conventional fans feature blades that chop the air, which means airflow is not as smooth and consistent. By blowing air through a hollow tube, bladeless fans provide a smoother and more efficient flow. Before you make your purchase, also consider whether you would like to have special features like a remote control, a programmable timer, and misting capability.