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Cables and Connectors

Having the right cable is crucial to getting your equipment to function properly. When shopping for a cable, pay attention to use, format, size and gauge.

Purchasing the right type of cable for the applied use is crucial. surround sound cables require a specific setup that combines audio and visual graphics. RCA cables are used in most applications. For 6.1 or 7.1 digital or high-definition surround sound connections, it's best to use HDMI cables that work with Blu-ray. Some systems can use more than one type of cable. For example, dual-channel sound systems may be able to use RF coaxial cables, optical cables, HDMI cables and more.

The three major cable formats are stereo, analog and digital. Stereo format is used for audio connections. Analog is used for older TV sets. Digital is used for plasma and LCD/led TVs. Most digital connections are supported with either optical or HDMI cables.

It's important to match the right cable sizes with the right gague. Cable size refers to the cable's length. Gague refers to the size of the wires inside the plastic coating. For strictly audio or speaker connections, the gague is also dependent on the length of the cable or speaker wire needed to properly set up the system.

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