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TV Antennas

If you live in an area without cable TV or if you're on a tight budget and you still want TV for free, you'll need a TV antenna. Modern antennas let you receive both analog signals and digital signals, which most TV stations now use.

There are two types of antennas: Outdoor TV antennas and Indoor TV Antennas . Outdoor antennas are larger and can pick up weaker signals from farther away, making them the best choice if you live further than 25 miles from a TV station tower or if there are obstacles between you and the signal source. Indoor antennas are smaller and easier to install and adjust. They're good choices if you live in an urban area, the nearest TV tower is less than 25 miles away and you're close to a strong signal without interference from trees, hills and tall buildings.

Another decision to make is whether to get a directional or a nondirectional antenna. A directional antenna receives signals that come from a specific direction, so it will work if you live in an area where most or all local TV affiliates broadcast from a shared cluster of towers. If the signals you want to receive come from different locations, you'll need a multidirectional or omnidirectional antenna. This type of antenna can receive signals equally from all directions, though with less power.

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