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What features should I consider when choosing a stereo receiver?

Look at the channels, power and connectivity. Think of stereo channels as the number of speakers you plan to operate. A four-channel system drives four speakers. A higher stereo power (listed as watts) delivers more volume. Connectivity is the ability to connect with other devices.

What does 5.1 audio mean?

The number 5.1 refers to the speaker configuration that includes four stereo speakers and one center speaker for a total of five. The .1 refers to the subwoofer. Generally, home theater systems use 5.1 audio.

How do I choose the right stereo receiver and amplifier?

Narrow your choices based on your budget. Then choose a receiver that delivers sound to the number of speakers you plan to use. A 5.1 audio receiver can give full surround sound to your home theater. A two-channel receiver can drive stereo speakers to add volume and clarity.