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Should I purchase earbuds or over-ear headphones?

This decision depends on the person and the use. Earbuds are easier to transport but don't necessarily have the same sound quality as over-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are typically more expensive but can start hurting your ears after wearing them for a long period. Earbuds are better if you want to use them while walking or exercising.

Do I need to purchase kid-friendly headphones for my children?

You don't have to, but you do want to consider the size of the headphones you are purchasing. Some headphones meant for adults may be too big to sit on your child's head or may be too big to fit over your kid's ears. Other than size, the main difference between adult and children's headphones is the design.

What about Bluetooth headphones? Are they better than wired headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are wireless, so they are great for exercising or to use with a cell phone. They typically do not come with a headphone jack, so they can't be used with a computer or iPod. In that sense, Bluetooth headphones aren't necessarily comparable to earbuds or over-ear headphones.