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All-in-One Desktop Computers

All-in-one-desktop computers provide the convenient option of having your monitor and your processing unit in a single place. There is no separate tower, which helps save desk space and also makes setting up faster and easier. At Walmart, you can choose from a wide range of all-in-one desktops.

When selecting your model, consider whether your all-in-one PC will be used at home or at the office. Large screen sizes let you easily and comfortably see multiple work windows or view streaming movies and TV shows. They also display vivid and impressive graphics for gaming. Select a model with a curved panoramic screen for an optimum and immersive viewing experience.

For workplace applications, certain models have touchscreen interfaces. This can make checking out customers and accessing information more efficient and intuitive. For working at home or in a tight space, you may want a unit with a smaller screen that takes up less room on a desk or in a cubicle.

Many all-in-one computer packages include a mouse and a keyboard, which may connect via USB or through a wireless connection for even greater flexibility. These PCs also feature additional USB ports for connecting flash drives, portable hard drives and many other peripherals. If you are interested in video chat and conferencing, choose a model with a built-in webcam.

Walmart offers the latest desktop computer models, putting modern technological capabilities within your reach. For added peace of mind, Product Care Plans are available to purchase along with your PC.