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What is the difference between a hub, switch and router?

All of them let you connect more than one computer to other computers or a network of devices. The difference is how much each one can do. A hub can only send messages to all computers connected to it. The same is true for switches at first. In time, a switch can "learn" where to send messages and individualize pathways for certain messages. A router is the most complex and acts almost like a mini computer. It can control how and where information is delivered, making information sharing more efficient.

How do I know which one I need?

If you just want to connect two or more devices together, you can use a hub. If you want the information sharing to be slightly more efficient, you would most likely prefer a switch. If you need speed and efficiency because you are sharing a lot of information with many devices, a router is for you.

Does it matter if I have Macs or PCs?

Hubs, switches and routers work with either type of computer.