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50-Inch TV

Walmart is your Entertainment Resource Center, and we want to make the process of buying 50-inch TVs a little easier for you. Our Every Day Low Prices and wide variety of styles ensure you get the most budget-friendly price, great picture quality and the features you enjoy.

Shop Our TVs by Size offerings come in a wide range of styles to give you the picture quality you want in HD, Ultra HD and 3D, on curved or flat screens. Both types of screen provide an excellent viewing experience, but there are small differences. Curved screens let you see the screen more clearly from different angles in your room, while flat screens spread the light a bit more evenly across the full face of the screen.

Consider your lifestyle and how you use your television, and then choose a set that has the features you want. For example, compatibility with your other devices, Smart capability and even integrated streaming devices are some things to look for when buying these large-screen TVs.