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43-Inch TV Shopping Considerations

Choosing a new TV from Walmart's wide selection has a lot to do with your personal preferences and the space you have available, but there are some key features to look for when you're shopping for a 43 inch TV. And be sure to shop our TVs by Size to browse other popular sizes.

  • Flat vs. Curved Screens: Each of these screen types delivers excellent color and clarity, but there are differences. The flat style spreads light evenly across the entire screen for full-screen, boldly colored images. Curved styles let you see the image with equal clarity from any angle, which is better for offset viewing.
  • Smart vs. Integrated Extras: TV sets with Smart technology built in can pair up through a Wi-Fi connection and can also stream programming and download apps automatically. Other sets have built-in viewers and extras to allow streaming when connected over an HDMI cable.
  • Screen Clarity: There are several terms to look for when you want an exceptionally clear picture quality, including HD, Full-HD, UltraHD, 4K and 3D, and each offers brilliant high-definition picture quality.