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Bar & Wine Glassware

Proper glassware can go a long way toward enjoying your favorite beverage, whether it's beer, wine, whiskey or a cocktail. You'll find a large variety of bar and wine glassware available at to enhance your drinking experience or commemorate a special occasion.

Just as there are countless varieties of wine, there are many kinds of wine glasses to complement the liquid within. Red wine glasses are often wider and stouter than white wine glasses. The stemless wine glass is a popular, modern innovation; it's easy to hold, is dishwasher-safe and eliminates one of the more fragile parts of the traditional wine glass, the stem. Champagne flutes are even thinner than white wine glasses, and many sets can be engraved and personalized to celebrate a wedding, graduation, birthday party or other event.

Beer mugs and beer steins can also be personalized and make a great gift for those who enjoy a cold brew. They're an all-purpose solution for beer drinkers, but there are more specialized glasses, like pilsner glasses, which have a slender, tapered design that accentuates the foamy head. Of course, it's not a party without a set of shot glasses. Aficionados of whiskey, brandy and similar drinks will appreciate decanter sets. Many glasses are made out of acrylic, which is more lightweight and shatter-resistant than glass, making acrylic glassware sets a good choice for kids and those who tend to party a little too hard.