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Desktop organizers

Consider your desired storage space and design when shopping for a desktop organizer.

Storage: Organizers with multiple compartments keep paperwork and files in order for a clutter-free workspace. Tiered organizers and those with a hanging file design also make efficient use of desk space.

Desk drawer trays with multiple compartments simplify your workspace and provide hidden storage for pens, Post-it Notes, staples and other office essentials. Pencil cups with more than one compartment keep writing utensils organized and within easy reach.

Design and material: Organizers made of metal mesh offer a contemporary look and are available in classic black or bright colors for a touch of fun. Plastic organizers are lightweight and easily portable, while wooden organizers offer a traditional appearance but aren't as easy to transport. For an all-natural look, an organizer made of eco-friendly bamboo is a stylish choice.