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Pantene conditioners

Pantene conditioners are known for containing the legendary pro-vitamin B5 complex, which works to make hair hydrated and healthy. Each conditioner product has a unique formula designed to resolve specific hair needs.

Tips for choosing Pantene conditioners

  • Address issues of severe damage with a conditioner fortified with castor oil.
  • Because castor oil is rich in vitamin E, it's especially beneficial when added to skin and hair products.
  • Vitamin B5 and antioxidants are also included in this formulation.
  • Curls get the gentle care they need with a conditioner that contains jojoba oil.
  • This nutrient-dense conditioner helps tame frizziness for healthy curls.
  • Skip the shampoo and go directly to Pantene's co-wash product. Argan oil is the active ingredient in this conditioner, and it offers a gentle cleansing that focuses on moisturizing.