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Keyboards, Mice and Joysticks

With the right keyboard, mouse or joystick, you can adapt your computer to your personal needs.

A new keyboard can be paired with a desktop, laptop or tablet to make it more comfortable to use. You'll have a choice between a wired keyboard, which connects directly to your computer by a cable, and a wireless keyboard, which connects to your computer through a receiver that's usually plugged into your computer's USB port. (Some computers include built-in receivers for wireless keyboards.) For a tablet, you'll need a tablet keyboard or mobile keyboard that's compatible with your device.

A mouse can also be wired or wireless. A classic mouse is moved around on a mouse pad, while a trackball mouse has a stationary ball that's rolled to control your cursor, which some people find more comfortable for extended use. An optical mouse uses an LED light to track the mouse's movement, while a laser mouse uses a laser, which tends to be more sensitive and can be a better choice for gaming or graphic design. You'll also find compact mice for travel and ergonomic mice to enhance comfort.

When buying a joystick, make sure it's compatible with your PC or video game console and with the games you want to play. Both wired and wireless joysticks are available.

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