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A guide to finding the best maternity clothes

Comfort is key when you're pregnant, but this doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice your personal sense of style. Finding maternity clothes that mix style and comfort masterfully isn't difficult, so browse the selection of maternity clothes at Walmart to pick the perfect clothes for those months you're dressing for two. With our Every Day Low Prices, it's easy to look your best with a complete maternity wardrobe.

Basic maternity pieces

If your pre-pregnancy jeans have started to feel quite uncomfortable, it's time to look for some basics that'll get you through those transitional months. Even though it's not necessary to invest in a whole new maternity wardrobe from the first months, some basic things can make your life easier.

  • A pair of stretchy leggings is a versatile item that's comfortable and can be mixed with tunics, skirts and even dresses to create stylish looks.
  • A couple of comfortable cami shirts or even T-shirts a size or two larger than your usual one are a fantastic solution for summer days or as layers under a sweater or a shirt.
  • You need to be extra comfortable when you put your feet up at home as well, so look for a pair of roomy lounge pants and a dressing gown for those colder evenings.
  • Choose one or two pairs of comfortable shoes suitable for pregnant women, such as classic ballet flats, sneakers or loafers. If you re worried about your feet swelling, consider going a size up.
  • Finally, look for a pair of maternity jeans that you can live in. Go with a style that works well with just about any top in your wardrobe, such a straight or slim leg.

Dressing for work

Going to work up until the last months of pregnancy is a reality for many women, and for this reason you need to find suitable maternity clothing for the office. you'll be probably able to wear your regular clothes for the first three or four months of pregnancy, but after that you ll need to go shopping for maternity office wear.

  • If your company has a particular dress policy, make sure the clothes you choose adhere to it.
  • Some of the essential pieces you need for a week at the office include a skirt, a pair of trousers, a dress, two tops and a jacket. You can mix and match these pieces with some of the items in your wardrobe that still fit.
  • Invest in some accessories to vary your daily look while avoiding to buy too many clothes that you ll have to give away after your baby is born.
  • For a formal work event, opt for a little black dress that's both timeless and slimming. Pair it with a wrap or scarf that'll take the focus off your bump.

Maternity undergarments

Don t forget about undergarments when updating your maternity wardrobe. During the last months, expect your breasts to grow and change, so it's essential to purchase a well-fitting maternity bra.

  • Maternity bras are highly adjustable so you can alter their position during the day for extra comfort.
  • These bras offer more support than regular ones because they come with wider straps, a fuller cup shape and a deeper center front.
  • Most maternity bras are made from cotton, which means they're highly breathable, and they often have brushed back elastics to feel soft against your skin.

Best fabrics for maternity clothing

Picking the best fabrics is essential for your comfort when you re shopping for maternity clothes. Some of the best options around include cotton jersey and Lycra, which are designed to stretch to for extra comfort. Moreover, by opting for these types of fabrics, you can wear the same clothes for longer, because they have plenty of give.

  • Natural fibers or blends with a natural fiber content are a good idea because they reduce itchiness and rashes by keeping moisture at bay.
  • Good choices include cotton blended with Lycra or spandex, as well as 100 percent cotton fabrics.
  • Try to avoid synthetics such as polyester because these hold heat against the skin, which may be very uncomfortable, especially in warm weather.