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Stay stylish with cool juniors clothing

Young women who aren't quite ready for the grown-up cuts of women's fashions but who have outgrown little girls' clothes in both size and attitude will find exactly what they want for their wardrobes in our Juniors section. From school uniforms and casual clothes for weekends and non-uniform schoolwear to activewear, sleepwear and special-occasion dresses, this section has the right range of clothing options for girls in the tween and teen age range. There's no single age group that these clothes are best for; if your child is the right size for these clothes, she can wear them in style. Even some petite adults may find that the juniors size range fits them better than standard womenswear. No matter what the age, young women will find a wealth of stylish and practical clothing options at Every Day Low Prices in our Juniors Clothing section.

How does juniors sizing work?

Items in the Juniors Clothing section follow sizing that's based on a slightly smaller increment than standard womenswear sizing. While womenswear numerical sizes use even numbers from 0 and up, juniors clothing sizes use odd numbers starting with 1. A size 1 is roughly comparable to a size 0, though it may be cut a bit smaller to accommodate a younger person's body. Girls who are just transitioning over from children's clothing sizes may want to try on a few different sizes at the bottom end of the juniors clothing size range to see what works best for their personal comfort and style. Walmart's Juniors Clothing section also includes items that are sized from XS and up to 2XL or larger; when clothing items in these sizes are classified as juniors clothes, they'll correspond to the Juniors Clothing numerical size scale rather than the sizing scale for women's clothing.

Some tween and teen girls may find that clothing items in this section don't work well for how their bodies are proportioned. In that case, shopping in the women's section for plus size, petite or standard sizing may work best. Juniors clothing designs are specifically made for younger bodies, so girls who are further along in their physical development may need clothing cut for a different body type.

What ages can wear juniors clothes?

The clothing designs in our Juniors Clothing section reflect trends for young women, and this makes these clothes appealing to girls in elementary, middle and high school. Again, fit's what really counts when picking out clothing for a growing girl. Girls who are particularly tall may find that juniors clothes start suiting them earlier than their peers. It's best for parents to stay involved in their child's clothing choices and help to make sure the fit's comfortable. Girls who seem to be outgrowing sleeve lengths or waistband sizes in children's clothing sizes can size up to juniors. Some girls may find that juniors pants start fitting them better sooner than juniors tops do. Finding the right clothing for kids is a matter of staying adaptable and being flexible with the realities of youth growth and development.

Shopping for clothes online

While trying on clothes in the store is a good way of determining what size works best for your girl, you can build an entire wardrobe for children in the juniors clothing size range by shopping online. You can use available sizing charts to take measurements and determine what size will work best or use your existing knowledge of the juniors clothing size range to determine which sizes to purchase. One great benefit to shopping for clothes online is that if your size and color choice is highly likely to be available. Most of the clothes in Walmart's Juniors department come in a variety of different colors so you can choose what's best for you. As described above, we offer a generous range of sizes as well. If you're shopping in-store and are unable to find the right size and color of a juniors clothing item you really liked, you can look for the same item online. If it exists in the size and color you want, chances are you'll find it here. You can then choose from different delivery options, including store pickup or having the item shipped to your home. Many of our juniors clothing items are available for free 2-day shipping, giving you a convenient shopping solution that delivers the clothes you want with the speed you need.