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Screen Protectors

A screen protector can prevent scratches and damage to your cell phone's screen, extending the life, appearance and usability of your device. Some screen protectors prevent dings and dents as well. Others are designed to reduce or eliminate glare from the sun or from light fixtures, or to reduce the appearance of smudges and fingerprints to keep your phone looking new.

One factor to consider before buying a screen protector is whether you want a cell phone case to protect your whole device. Some heavy-duty cases include built-in screen protection, so you won't need to buy a separate protector for the screen. On the other hand, other cases don't offer screen protection, so you may want to buy a separate protective film.

There are two basic types of screen protectors. Protective films stick directly to your phone's screen. Frame screen protectors wrap around the edges of your device or attach to the front and frame the screen, protecting all the edges, absorbing shock and reducing the chance of something scratching the screen if it falls to the ground.

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