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Memory Cards

A memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used to store digital information — such as pictures, videos, music or documents — to expand the memory storage of an electronic device, such as a camera, smartphone or tablet.

Before buying a memory card, check your device's user's manual to find out what kind it accepts. The most common types of memory card are secure digital (SD), secure digital high capacity (SDHC), microSD/miniSD and compact flash. SDHC card slots are backward-compatible with SD cards, which means that you can fit an SD card into an SDHC slot, but an SDHC card will not necessarily fit into an SD card slot. micro SD cards and miniSD cards are smaller versions of SD cards and can often be plugged into an adapter and used in regular SD card slots. Compact flash memory cards are less common than SD cards but tend to have more storage capacity.

Memory cards have different storage capacities, ranging from about 1 or 2 GB to up to 16 GB or more. They also have different transfer speeds, which are expressed as "times ratings," such as 8X, 12X and 40X, or in MB per second (Mbps or Mb/s). A higher transfer rate may be necessary if you often take pictures in rapid succession or shoot high-definition video.

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