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There are several different types of men's cologne, categorized in terms of their scents: Citrus, floral, aromatic, oriental, chypre, leather, and woody. Citrus tones make use of fresh, fruity ingredients. Floral scents are based on flowery tones, while aromatics are more akin to natural herby scents. Oriental colognes are warm, often featuring amber, musk, vanilla, wood, flowers, and spices.

Chypre colognes hearken back to traditional fragrance made entirely with ingredients from the Mediterranean. These balance bergamot, oakmoss, and labdanum, sometimes with patchouli mixed in. Leather colognes are made from both natural sources like birch, juniper, and cade oil, as well as lab-mixed scents. Woody colognes are crafted using at least one of a wide variety of natural woods.