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Travel-size face serums

Face serums treat your face to renewing vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging ingredients with just a few drops. There are different types of travel-size face serums to treat common skin issues.

Skin serum types

Skin serum helps protect your skin in new environments. If you travel to a hot or dry region, pack face serum that helps your skin retain moisture, also called hydrating face serum.

Other types of skin serums include:

  • Acne-fighting serum with alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids
  • Exfoliating serum that helps remove dead facial skin cells
  • Skin renewal serum that brightens dull skin and reduces fine lines and blemishes
  • Anti-aging serum that firms skin and supports skin cell turnover
Travel-size face serum makes it easier for you to pamper and treat skin on the road because the bottles and containers come in portable sizes.

Airline skin serum limits

If you plan to keep travel-size face serum in your carry-on luggage, ensure that serum containers are no larger than 3.4 ounces. Larger containers go in checked luggage.