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Textured hair

The term "textured hair" covers a range of hair types, from gentle waves to thick spirals. Essentially, the more texture that your hair has, the more volume and weight it tends to have. When you have textured hair, it needs more moisturizer to remain healthy and undamaged.

Textured hair care begins with consistent, ultra-deep conditioning. When you begin styling your hair after a deep condition, it's best to start with slightly damp hair that you've untangled carefully with your fingers or a comb; choose whichever is the most gentle and efficient for you. Then, select a gel, hairspray, or mousse that's specially formulated for your hair type. You'll want to choose a styling product that is strong enough to hold your hairstyle in place. Gels and sprays specifically designed for textured hair have the extra hold you need to maintain your style.