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Hair care restock

Hair care items have a finite shelf life. If your shampoos, conditioners, hair color, or brushes are out of date or worn, replace the items with fresh hair-care products.

Replacement schedules for hair products

Check expiration dates on shampoos and other hair-care products to learn when to toss the items. Some general rules about replacing hair care products include:

  • Hair brushes last around six months to a year.
  • Shampoos should be tossed if they smell "off."
  • Liquid shampoos and conditioners that have separated should be thrown away.
  • Yellowed liquid shampoo or conditioner is out of date.
  • Natural hair-care products may expire sooner than shampoos and conditioners made with sulfates.
Animal and vegetable oils can go rancid faster than other oils, so keep an eye on hair-care products made with natural oils. Most shampoos can last two to three years if kept in a dry, cool place away from sunlight.