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Shimmer Lights shampoo

Shimmer Lights shampoo is called "the purple shampoo" for its bright violet hue. The purple color of the shampoo helps tone down the look of yellowed or brassy hair. If you lighten dark hair to blonde, have highlights, or have lifted platinum hair, purple shampoo is essential for keeping your color from looking dingy. It's also useful if your home is on well water or has hard water that deposits minerals into your hair during a shower.

Shimmer Lights application tips

Turn your yellowed or brassy hair to a whiter, crisper shade with these tips:

  • Use gloves because the shampoo can stain your cuticles or any dry patches.
  • Leave shampoo in hair only a few minutes unless you want lavender hair.
  • Use Shimmer Lights conditioner to offset any drying effects of the shampoo.
Order Shimmer Lights shampoo in individual bottles, multi-packs, or combo packs with bottles of conditioner

Shimmer Lights for highlights

Shimmer Lights shampoo works best with blonde and silver hair tones. However, people with highlights and streaks in darker hair can use the product on their lighter hair sections.

Separate highlighted sections of hair and apply Shimmer Lights to only those areas. Wrap highlights to protect your darker hair. Thoroughly rinse your hair after the shampoo treatment.