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Root touch-up

Extend the looks of your permanent hair dye by using root touch-up to cover mismatched emerging hair roots. Hair-root touch-up products take a variety of forms to cover gray and dark roots completely.

Forms of root touch-up products

Choose the root touch-up product that works for you from the following types of hair color coverage:

  • Root cover-up sprays
  • Brush-on root color
  • Root touch-up powder
  • Precision root touch-up pens and concealer sticks
  • Pressed root cover
  • Comb-in gray root color
Order products made specifically for blonde or black hair for ultimate root coverage.

Some root touch-up products last weeks, while other root touch-up products last through your next shampoo. Read product details to order the root touch-up products with the staying power you prefer. Depending on the brand and product, root touch-up may take 10 seconds to 10 minutes.