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Caring for normal skin types

Normal skin is not oily, dried out, full of blemishes, or wrinkled. Numerous skin care formulations are designed for use on normal skin. Use the following products to keep your normal skin fresh and lovely:

  • Products with sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage
  • Makeup removers so you never sleep with makeup on your face
  • Gentle cleansers to remove dirt and debris from your face without irritating your skin or stripping beneficial oils
  • Exfoliating creams and toners to rid skin of dead cells and residue
  • Antioxidant serum to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Extra help for normal skin

Normal skin has breakouts or redness from time to time. Order products for sensitive skin when you experience temporary sensitivity to makeup or cleansers. Order deep cleansing products and scrubs for occasional blemish issues.