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Neutrogena T/Gel

Neutrogena T/Gel is a medicated dandruff shampoo that contains ingredients to treat dandruff and relieve associated symptoms. The special coal tar formula in Neutrogena T/Gel has been shown to control flakes even after rinsing it out of your hair. The therapeutic shampoo is designed to use at least twice a week to control dandruff symptoms.

Tips for choosing Neutrogena T/Gel products:

  • Opt for a combined shampoo and conditioner product for extra moisturizing of textured, damaged, frizzy, or wavy hair.
  • Some formulations of the dandruff shampoo have a special scent, and a squeeze bottle makes it easy to apply the product.
  • Opt for a dandruff shampoo that contains salicylic acid to treat issues of scalp build-up, scalp psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.