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Makeup remover

Be prepared to clean off old makeup if you want fresh, attractive skin. Cleansers and instant makeup wipes are convenient solutions to remove eye, face, and lip makeup.

Types of makeup removers

Select the brands of makeup removers matching your skin and makeup types. Some categories of makeup removers include:

  • Cleansing face wipes with added nutrients
  • Eye makeup removal pads for gentle cleaning of mascara, shadow, and eyeliner
  • Single-use towelette packets for purse or laptop bag
  • Cold cream to loosen makeup and moisturize
  • Liquid cleaners that activate when shaken
You can find cleaners with special formulations for the gym, for anti-aging, or for sensitive skin.

Makeup removal tips

Follow these makeup cleaning tips when using your makeup remover:

  • Gently clean skin, especially around the eyes.
  • Avoid tugging, pulling, or vigorously scrubbing skin.
  • If you wear contacts, use products that are contact-safe when cleaning near your eyes.
  • Rinse your skin well.
  • Make sure to have reusable or disposable cleaning pads for liquid facial cleansers.