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Top picks for "Makeup Brush Sets"

Makeup brush sets

Makeup brush sets give you the tools you need to apply cosmetics with finesse. Every brush set needs to include the basics for applying different types of makeup.

Makeup brushes have either natural or synthetic bristles. Natural bristles are ideal for applying powders while synthetics are better if you use creams or liquids. Natural bristles are very effective for blending, and synthetic bristles provide precise results.

Choose a brush set that contains the most important brushes. A flat concealer brush is an all-purpose brush for applying product in tiny areas. A large powder brush is a tool you'll need to apply foundation, blush, and bronzers all over your face. If you use highlighter, you'll need a flat highlighter brush.

A set should also contain a tiny angled brush for eyebrows. Finally, you'll also need a small eye shadow brush for applying shadows.