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Loss of elasticity

With aging, the skin loses elastin, which causes it to become looser. Some skin care products contain ingredients that help fight loss of elasticity. Collagen, retinol A, and hyaluronic acid are three effective anti-aging ingredients.

Tips for fighting loss of elasticity:

  • Find an anti-aging eye cream to apply regularly under the eyes. A product containing retinol A and vitamin C can help the skin replenish some of its elasticity.
  • Use a night cream on your face while you sleep. Night creams have special formulations to hydrate and plump the skin while also helping with cell turnover. Look for ingredients such as panthenol, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.
  • Use a day cream designed to fade wrinkles. An effective day cream ingredient list includes collagen, retinol A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. A day cream with sunscreen is an added benefit to protect you from ongoing sun exposure.