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Lip makeup brushes

Lip brushes are the keys to applying attractive lip primer, liner, color, or gloss. Use the right brushes for the best results.

Lip brush tips

Lip brush tips are made of spongy material or bristles like tiny paint brushes. Brush tips may be:

  • Oval or round to spread color
  • Pointed at end to create lip edges and fill in corners
  • Blunt, straight-edged bristles to blend lip colors.
Lip makeup brushes add definition you can't get with standard lipstick applicators.

Lip makeup brush tips

Follow a few tips when using makeup brushes for lips:

  • Replace crumbling or shedding brushes.
  • Start with primer and liner for less lipstick bleed.
  • Blend color in layers from center of lips outward for longer-lasting lip looks.
  • Use separate lip brushes for clear, light, and dark lip makeup colors.
  • Use retractable lip brushes for travel.
If you apply makeup for work or hobbies, stock up on bulk packages of disposable and reusable lip makeup brushes.